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  • Short lectures that introduce you to the mediation
  • Courses that enables you to perform mediation
  • Master\'s Degree of Ph.D. studies


Se our recent books about Mediation, the Mediation process and Conflict solving.

Download part of our book: Mediation - Six ways in seven days.



What is mediation and how can it solve your problems?

We will shortly add a english video showing the process.

Untill then please get a glimse of how we work by watching our danish video.

Mediation Video


Mediation - Six Ways in Seven Days

A book like this has been needed for a long time.

Write a book review for a magazine and get a free copy. Please write to hans.boserup@gmail.com.

Designed as a seven-day training course for anyone who wants to learn more about the six primary modes of mediation, this comprehensive book has the unique audio-visual supplement that further demonstrates and underscores the tenets and nuances of successful mediation.

As experienced litigator and mediator, Hans Boserup addresses the frequently asked question, "How come it is so difficult to mediate well when it looks so easy?" The answer, as he will show you, is in learning the art of mediation within a variety of shades and contours. When countless ways of mediation surface, it is because each mediator is rooted within his own value system and professional experience, overriding most of the training available to mediators today.

But there are differences in how to manage the process of mediation. Do you or do you not want to steer or be steered? It is about the heart and the brain. Can these really work together, or should life be left entirely to the brain? Should emotions be given space in conflict? Is it acceptable that just that which is clearly measurable be included? Can I solve conflicts with parties living in another world so different from my own?

What contribute to reducing absence caused by illness? What contributes to improved sleep and concentration? What contributes to harmony at home and in the workplace?

This book is about how consultants, neutral parties, shop stewards and managers can maintain what they are skilled at in solving disputes while choosing to improve upon what already works well. Teachers, doctors, psychologists, auditors and lawyers all meeting and being impacted by close conflict every day should read the book, too. The format and language are easy to read and digest, and the book\'\'s value as a timeless reference resource cannot be understated.

Make a book review to a gazette or a magazine of your own choice and get a copy of the book for free. Please ask for details at hans.boserup@gmail.com


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